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The third generation of the Opel Vivaro is ready to go

"The third generation of the Opel Vivaro is coming. Since 2001, the Opel Transporter has been a convincing solution as a flexible loadmaster as well as an office on four wheels. Almost a million units have already left the production line today. In the future, the new Vivaro will do its job better than ever before: in perfectly tailored sizes and with numerous innovative technologies, the flexible all-rounder makes driving easier and makes working life easier. Ideal conditions for further strengthening Opel's position in this continuously growing segment in Europe. In addition, the development center in Rüsselsheim within the Groupe PSA is responsible for the construction of light commercial vehicles worldwide.

The new Opel Vivaro, which can already be ordered from February and will be available to the dealer from late summer, offers tailor-made services on a platform of the youngest generation. It is available as a box van (cargo), a double cabin for up to six passengers, a platform frame and station wagon, and for the first time in three instead of two Lengths available (4.60 meters, 4.95 meters and 5.30 meters). With a maximum loading volume of 6.6 cubic meters, you can store up to 1,400 kilograms of payload - 200 kilograms more than before. The same applies to the towing load: The new Vivaro pulls up to 2,500 kilograms trailer load half a ton more than its predecessor. Only in the vehicle height is the newcomer modest: Most Vivaro variants measure just under 1.90 meters. This has very practical reasons: The Vivaro can park in underground garages and shopping centers even with limited ceiling height as good as anywhere for loading and unloading. Thus, the quite compact measured new Vivaro is also perfect for delivery traffic in the city."

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Publié le: 30/01/2019

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