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Peugeot 2019 rally season presentation

"It will be the Tuscan Tommaso CIUFFI the pilot of Peugeot Sport Italia who will defend the colors in the Italian championship Two Wheel Drive 2019 at the wheel of the official 208 R2B. At his side, in the role of co-pilot, there will be the Piedmontese Nicolò GONELLA.

The official rider promotion for the new rally season is the award that last year Peugeot Sport Italia had put up for grabs for the winner of the Peugeot Competition TOP, the top series of the promotional trophy that for forty years has formed generations of new riders tricolor.

Tommaso CIUFFI was born in Florence on November 24th 1993 and is the son of Paolo, one of the best national private pilots of the 90s. Tommaso made his competitive debut in 2015 in the Peugeot Competition, after having found a job stability as an entrepreneur and with an unusual path for an Italian driver, that is starting from the most formative dirt road with some points abroad.

The results arrived immediately, demonstrating his class: in 2015 he took part in four races in the Raceday Terra Trophy with 2 second class seats; in 2016 he competes 9 races on land with three class wins in various championships with the Peugeot 208 R2B and is the first of the 2 Motric Terra Wheels; in 2017 it is second in the Peugeot Competition TOP 208, third in the Peugeot Competition RALLY 208 and is first class at the Rally of Val d'Orcia with a 207 S2000.

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Publié le: 06/02/2019

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