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Mobility for millions - best example - Opel Corsa "120 years"

In 2019, Opel celebrates 120 years of automotive engineering - and thus 120 years of innovation for everyone. With the brand with the lightning it has a tradition to bring technical achievements cleverly on the right track and fast in series. This makes mobility affordable for the masses - and makes the product range safer, cleaner, more convenient, more practical or even far-sighted. This is the basis of the 120th Anniversary Campaign "Opel. Born in Germany. Built for all of us. "At that time, the first model, the Opel patent motor car" System Lutzmann "from 1899, was just as inherent in this idea as all the Opel vehicles that followed the decades, from the" Doctor Car "to the" Tree Frog "and P4 to the Cadet. And today the motto fits hardly better than the Opel Corsa.

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Publié le: 30/01/2019

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