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Ford Raptor - The Ute is back on top - 4X4 of the year in Australia

"Back in the 1930s, Ford Australia gave a grateful world the Ute - famously to 'go to church on Sunday and take the pigs to market on Monday' - and now things have turned full circle. The Ute has returned to popularity as the nation's 4WD of choice, and the Aussie-developed Ford Ranger Raptor has claimed the coveted 4X4 OF THE YEAR Award.

In a nation with the scale and diversity of terrain as ours, four-wheel-drives are a necessity for both work and recreation. Whether it's about making a living, exploring in comfort, or having great adventures, it's also about getting home safe and sound.

Each year the benchmark 4X4 OF THE YEAR Award is announced by leading publication 4X4 AUSTRALIA."

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Publié le: 31/01/2019
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